Green Energy Africa is developing the Kimuka II PV project, which will generate 40MW of renewable energy. The project site is located at grid reference 1o17’25.20”S and 36o33’29.38”E, with a latitude of 1839m. It is situated approximately 0.336 km away from the nearest all-weather road. The area has an average slope of 14.5% and is sloping.

The pre-feasibility study of the project has identified several benefits, including job creation, land reclamation, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, and improved access to modern and reliable energy. Furthermore, the project aims to address cross-cutting issues, such as HIV/AIDS, community sensitization on environmental services, and capacity building on alternative livelihoods.

The area where the project is located relies on seasonal streams for watering cattle and domestic purposes, which creates water challenges and cross-border conflicts. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the project will establish water pans and access points to provide a solution to these water-related issues.